Cyber safety for families with Joanna and Jodie on 103.9FM The Fish Family Morning Show

Photo: Christi Benz

Photo: Christi Benz

All innovation can be used for good or not good. This goes for  matches, guns, prescription pills and smart devices. It is the internal motivation that is key. The motive is based on fear or love. Fear-based motives are rooted in the power and control issues of the world: bullying, addiction or exploitation which disturb the peace.  Whereas love-based motives are rooted in the divine principles of freedom that emanate from God’s love that liberates the soul.  So the big question remains: what role does cyber connectivity play in your family life? Does it promote deeper, more engaged conversations to build trustworthy relationships? Or does it isolate individuals in your home leaving children vulnerable to bullying and exploitation? Below are some signs that the cyber technology is managing you and disrupting family bonding experiences  essential to build trust, which is what digital natives value more than money.

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Signs of smart phone addiction

  • The device is always close by, and there is a co-dependent relationship
  • The device is always accessible, at the dinner table, social events, in bed and in the bathroom
  • If left behind, the “addict” returns to retrieve it even it means they will be late
  • Smart device addicts lie about how much they are using it
  • Smart device addicts over extend their finances in favor of maintaining or improving their user experience
  • Attempts to control or stop use are unsuccessful and withdrawal creates the undeniable urge to resume obsessive use
  • Other important relationships and activities are supplanted by use of the device (family, school, etc.)
  • The brain receives a ‘dopamine” rush from anticipating or using, just like chemical substances, further reinforcing obsessive use as spiritual fulfillment
  • Smart device addicts lie about how much they are using it

In order to build trust, there must be authenticity. Kids today are seeking this authenticity (which translates as fearlessness) and parents are equipped to create a home environment that features trustworthy communication and relationships. To deal with the impact of cyber technology at the home, check out my manual on creating a family culture that builds trust with tech savvy kids and inspires open communication: Fresh Start.

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