Training Service Levels

Basic Fresh Start – Self-Help Tool Kit

Offer self-help tools for the parent. With the bulk purchase of the book (10 copies or more at a discounted price of $10 each). The educator may give or sell the book to the parent (recommended retail price $20). The purpose of introducing this resource is to help the parent understand how they can be an asset and more effectively collaborate with the educator and the child.

  • Fresh Start Manual offers practical, high-impact guidance on making the home a more effective learning environment to overcome the pressures of mobile connectivity. This manual was written for the busy, stressed parent.
  • Questions to engage the intellect and will of parents as advocates for healing.

Minimum order: $100 (for ten manuals which can be sold for retail price)


Fresh Start Family Culture consulting.

  • Referrals to Joanna for family culture consulting to help parents communicate discipline as love language and build trust
  • Rate: $125 per hour
  • Package rate: $230 for two private sessions 90 minutes each
  • Fresh Start manual is included

Fresh Start Trainer Certification

This is a 4-hour training to be certified to provide Fresh Start consulting and workshops, with the option to sign up for annual subscription for updates to training materials. Learn more here.
Retainer Fresh Start family culture training integrated into your practice

Customized staff training and family consulting.  Contact Joanna at Core Connectivity to learn more.