Naturopathic Doctor, Greta Hauck D’Amico, spoke to a group of citizens at Sun City in Lincoln last week Saturday, about the role of virtue in a cyber-powered world that hypes human judgment as truth.

Naturopathic Doctor, Greta Hauck D’Amico, spoke to a group of citizens at Sun City in Lincoln last week Saturday, about the role of virtue in a cyber-powered world that hypes human judgment as truth.

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Naturopathic Doctor, Greta Hauck D’Amico, who practices at Four Rivers Naturopathic Clinic in Auburn, California. She spoke to a group of citizens at Sun City in Lincoln, about the role of virtue in a cyber-powered world that hypes human judgment as truth.  D’Amico offers insights for parents and grandparents struggling with concerns about the lessons featuring risky behavior, social justice conflicts, war and terrorism we are witnessing in the global social network and what this means for the future.

D’Amico references universal nature of the human condition, a divine desire to correct the problems that torment and disturb the peace, and challenges the audience to think about understanding the nature of our problems. She encourages folks to consider that human understanding and effort without love cannot produce solutions that resolve our problems and quell fear. “The system is knowable once you get a test or an experience,” she said. “Love is a real force and it helps us to become informed about the system – it is an education that is a slow process. When I am not embracing my higher self, it works against me.”

Below are some considerations for parents and grandparents raising children in the social network that are reinforced by D’Amico’s talk:

Your opinions and wisdom are not the same thing. Make your home a safe place to talk about what is happening, on and off line. Clarify in your own mind that human judgment is always corrupted by fear because we have limited understanding; and this judgment is inextricably linked to our personal opinions, which is not the same thing as wisdom. Wisdom, on the other hand, comes from the heart of God, who is love.

So it is important to set aside your opinions when you are listening or observing (through monitoring) what is happening in our child’s world. When you are imparting your wisdom, you are informed by your faith, as it is rooted in Scripture or other religious works that promote peace and empower people to always pursue a higher good in all circumstances as a learning experience.

Children are seeking authenticity (which is fearlessness) – where they can feel safe to express their feelings and experiences. And yet they can easily be deceived by the fear and fakery in the social network as there is a great deal of divided attention and manipulation (power and control issues) in their cyber social realms to garner admiration, sympathy or attention that is not always in their best interest. When we are committed to being present with our children, giving them undivided attention and forsaking all of the anxieties of other duties and obligations including paying bills and dealing with an over-scheduled and over-committed lifestyle, then our children will experience love, as truly being received by you – unconditionally. Then you can impart your wisdom, because children don’t care about what you know until they know you really care about them (more than what the neighbors think).

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Focus on virtue as empowerment. Virtues are behaviors that meet a moral standard of righteousness and goodness for self and others (it is a balancing act), and the source of this morality is the one benevolent deity that makes a free society possible: the Creator of humanity, who is the one true God who grants every human being intelligent life and free will. “Bad things don’t happen because God is judging, rather it is simply not understanding the consequences of actions we have taken,” D’Amico explains. “Virtues are forces, that are active things and the source is love – a force of attraction of all the mechanics keeping the universe together.”

Preparing youth for the social network, requires the authority, hope and resilience of our chosen faith. When we are true to ourselves about the source of power to do good or disturb the peace, we can educate our children how to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions, and choose wisely in the social network and in the flesh.



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Joanna Jullien (Photo: Christi Benz)

Joanna Jullien
(Photo: Christi Benz)

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