At Core Connectivity we help families to seek wisdom, and rely less on opinions which always offer limited human understanding and condemning, hostile thoughts about the things that are happening in our world, on and off-line. While opinions always harbor a desire to be in control of others, wisdom thoughts are eternal; they bring about peace, empower others and transcend religious dogma.

Accordingly, these “thoughts for the day” reflect how the wisdom of my faith informs me to empower people of all creeds to form a united front as families and communities and defend the freedom that belongs to every human being as a God-given, inalienable inherent capacity to choose our own thoughts about the role of God in our own lives. This is power over our own thoughts and actions so easily surrendered to the bully, the drug or the device.


This from Priscilla Shirer in Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer (2015) p.153

Unforgiveness is a strategic “design” craftily implemented by your enemy to “outwit” you, to cripple your effectiveness in prayer and your power to stand against him victoriously. Which is why, if I were your enemy, I would do everything possible to keep you from forgiving anyone and everyone who’s done you any wrong.

My two cents: By my faith I know that forgiveness does not involve me becoming a doormat so other people can tread on me. Rather, I understand forgiveness as demonstrating the powers of my own soul,(my memory, intellect and will), to hold others accountable for transgressions against me without condemnation in my heart. For the Christ in me recognizes that the enemy wants me to stay angry and nurture injuries that God wants to heal. And that is why in all circumstances I must trust God with my grief through Christ Jesus, who transforms my pain into renewed spiritual resilience. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Lamentations 3: 22-23 It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not, They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

My faith informs me that parents of all creeds have inalienable authority to create a safe environment at home for youth to unpack the painful and shame-inspiring experiences in their world on and off-line, and then you can impart your wisdom. Contact Joanna to schedule your Fresh Start sessions today…


About:  We are a non-profit education center founded in Roseville, CA to strengthen the parent-child bond in a hyper-connected world. Our mission is to restore families with the mustard seed of faith that declares liberty already belongs to the soul because one God, the Creator of all humanity, grants every human being intelligence and free will to choose what to believe, and that is power that can never be taken, but is easily surrendered to the bully, the drug or the device. To that end, ten percent of all proceeds are donated to prison ministries. Your donations are greatly appreciated. (Donations are payable to Banana Moments Foundation).

Joanna Jullien, Founder & CEO of Core Connectivity
Photo by: Victoria Hatch

Joanna Jullien is an author, educator and consultant on strengthening the parent-child relationship in a cyber-powered world. She is a former technology executive trained in behavioral science at U.C. Berkeley, a mother of two grown sons, and an author of books for practical guidance on parenting, growing up and family life in the network culture. As a family and technology culture advisor, Joanna has appeared on 103.9FM The Fish, 710AM Keeping Faith in America, 1380AM The Answer, and