A recent video stirring up conversations about parenting and discipline went viral last month. It was posted by a Virginian dad who made is son run a mile to school every day for a week after he was caught bullying. According to news reports, the dad received a lot of positive comments, and the video got some play on news broadcasts where commentators weighed in with their own opinions about the dad’s choice of discipline.

And while the dad who posted the video had confidence in how he handled his own child, the bigger question remains and is critical for the health of tech-savvy youth today: is parenting a performance for crowd approval? Another child caught bullying might have needed another consequence depending upon the circumstances. Bullying, after all, is learned behavior. Under the right circumstances and the wrong thinking, we are all vulnerable to abusing power.

In this internet age, wherein it is easy to lose yourself cast into the social network, swimming in a sea of judgment, I have found that the most important lesson we can teach youth is how to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions – as a matter of civil liberty, not as a matter of crime and punishment. This means that we do not have to be perfect, just willing to hold ourselves and our own children accountable, and correct wrong behavior without condemnation. Otherwise the children learn that the crime is to get caught and mobile connectivity makes it easy to hide risky choices and situations.

The discipline of civil liberty learned at home, also prepares students to learn in the classroom. Last month, it was an honor to be included among the workshop presenters at the Second Annual California Student Mental Wellness Conference organized by Wellness Together and the California Department of Education. I delivered a training on “How Parents Can Instill Learning Discipline Among Tech-Savvy Youth.” This training featured a relational model of authority for parents to engage youth as emerging executives with inherent powers of self-determination essential to be good citizens in the classroom and in society. Indeed the best learning mind, is one that takes responsibility for their own thoughts and actions as empowerment. You can read more about this training here



16h National Conference on Adolescents and Young Adults

April 24-April 27, 2018 – Las Vegas

Conference Objectives
Participants will be able:
1. To identify treatment approaches for successfully treating adolescents and young adults with chemical dependence, trauma, co-occurring disorders and other psychological and behavioral issues.
2. To be able to discern symptoms and characteristics manifested in these disorders and to diminish/correct their negative impact on the client’s interpersonal and family relationships.
3. To identify the impact of trauma, depression and anxiety on youth and best practices for treatment and how to bolster resilience.
4. To identify advances in the assessment of at-risk factors for adolescents and young adults and their treatment.


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Joanna Jullien is an author, educator and consultant on strengthening the parent-child relationship in a cyber-powered world. She is a former technology executive trained in behavioral science at U.C. Berkeley, a mother of two grown sons, and an author of books for practical guidance on parenting, growing up and family life in the network culture. As a family and technology culture advisor, Joanna has appeared on 103.9FM The Fish, 710AM Keeping Faith in America, 1380AM The Answer, and Examiner.com.