Last week on the CBS morning show there was a segment on “Uncivility” that featured anthropologist, Helen Fisher, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute. She explained why we are experiencing so much uncivility which is disturbing everyone.

To explain uncivility, Fisher shared her understanding of human nature as surviving through cooperation which requires civility. She refers to brain science and how the lower regions of the brain which detect and respond to threats can override civil responses which come from the upper regions of the brain. As I understand her explanation (you can see the video here), over time if discourse is hostile and the other person or political opponent is perceived as a threat, or is “demonized,” there can be no discourse nor any common ground to respond to problems and challenges with a sense of solidarity and hope for a better future.

According to CBS morning show host Gail King, a recent poll indicates that 93% of Americans agree that our society has become uncivil and it is a big problem. I perceive uncivility as a bully strategy for total dominance that if unchecked robs us of our capacity for tolerance and cooperation in the home and in the community. Uncivility is insecurity expressing itself (fear emotion) and this hostility produces a culture ruled by extreme emotions rather than by grace and reason.

Equally important, as mobile connectivity and social media hype emotion making hostility an ever present force to be reckoned with, youth are at greater risk for mental health issues including depression and suicidal ideation. So here is a recent feature on why youth need less of our opinions and more wisdom: Get your teen to share hopeless thoughts and experiences with you.

As I understand human nature, it is possible to break cycles of uncivility by teaching and modeling mutual respect and trust at home, in the classroom and in our communities. To learn more about the basics of creating house rules to produce a culture of civility that regulates the use of technology and brings about peace and empowers others, please contact me to book an appointment or schedule a workshop. And check out Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives – How to Maintain Open Parent-Child Communication in a Cyber-Powered World.


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Discipline, not perfection: On being an imperfect parent with imperfect kids

When cyber connectivity hypes everything and inspires anxiety, what will you focus on?


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