Fifteen years ago when I started this mission to strengthen the parent-child bond in a cyber-powered world my own confidence as a parent was deeply shaken. And while mostly I observed that the children were making good choices despite their peer pressures – still the risks were great. And as they experienced extreme stress with the adult issues (anxiety/depression, bullying/abuse, addictions and sexual exploitation), the youth were left vulnerable and feeling unsupported by parents and adults who did not understand how their lives were informing them, and were not able to relate to their desperate need to feel a sense of secure belonging at home and at school.

So now let’s fast forward fifteen years later.

Today I can sum up this new demand on parents with one word: confidence. And there is a question about what it does mean to be a confident parent when our children are dealing with adult issues hyped as extreme experiences in their online worlds? It is so easy to lack confidence in ourselves and our children unless we make the effort to patrol our thoughts. For the confidence our children need comes from wisdom, not from our fears. And it is easy to confuse our fearful opinions with wisdom. (Read more)

Come see me on October 11, 2019 in Granite Bay! Thank you Newport Academy for sponsoring this breakfast event at the Granite Bay Golf Club.

  • Date: October 11, 2019, 8:30 to noon
  • Event: Parent tools to foster inter-personal connections with tech-savvy children and teens
  • Speaker: Joanna Jullien
  • Sponsor: Newport Academy
  • Location: Granite Bay, CA
  • RSVP: Shelby Swartz,,


Core Connectivity Mission

Restore Parental Confidence, Inspire Resilience, and

Empower Families to Strengthen their Bond


In the media-centered network culture it is easy to believe things that are not true, and focus on things that do not really matter.. This can curtail parental confidence and increase childhood anxiety and trauma. Help me get some basic tools and insights into the hands of parents so they can more effectively help their children establish their own internal guidance systems to be safe and secure and counter the cyber-powered stressors of growing up with mobile connectivity.

You can help me by:

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  • Sharing these links to the tips for setting personal boundaries and establishing cyber rites of passage.

Tips to regulate the use of technology as a family (PDF Handout)

How to build trust when you find these apps on your child’s phone

Hot Topic: To vape or not to vape?

How to know what’s trending in your own child’s heart and mind: Is vaping a harmless way to reduce stress?

From Newport Academy:

What every parent needs to know about vaping




  • Date: October 11, 2019, 8:30 to noon
  • Event: Parent tools to foster inter-personal connections with tech-savvy children and teens
  • Speaker: Joanna Jullien
  • Sponsor: Newport Academy
  • Location: Granite Bay, CA
  • RSVP: Shelby Swartz,,


  • Date: October 20, 2019, 1:30PM – 4PM
  • Event: Our anxiety and our strength: How the generations empower one another
  • Speakers: Joanna Jullien and Colleen Marchi, CEO of Magical Order of Brave Knights, LLC (tools to help kids think objectively about fears, such as night terrors)
  • Sponsor: The REALConversations Speaker Series
  • Location: Rocklin, CA
  • Get free tickets here: Reservations BeingREAL


  • Date: November 9, 2019, 9am to noon
  • Event: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Sierra Foothills Chapter
  • Speaker: Joanna will be conducting a training on parenting teenagers with social media (to promote mental health)
  • Location: Auburn, CA (Private event)


  • Date: January 16, 2020
  • Event: Insights about love in response to anxiety and addiction as a family affair
  • Sponsor: Sierra Vista Hospital
  • Speaker: Joanna Jullien
  • Venue: Sacramento campus, community room
  • Registration details: forthcoming



  • Date: October 2, 2019 9am to 10am
  • Event: Defending the Cause members networking
  • Sponsor: Defending the Cause and Bayside Church
  • Location: Sacramento
  • Contact:


  • Date: October 4, 2019 5-7:30PM
  • Event: Family Resources EXPO
  • Sponsor: Defending the Cause and Bayside Church
  • Venue: Bayside Church in Roseville/Granite Bay
  • Contact:
  • Core Connectivity will have a resource table here.


  • Date: October 9, 2019 5-7:30PM
  • Event: Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment
  • Venue: California Consortium for Addiction Programs & Professionals
  • Location:  Sacramento,CA




Crucial conversation concepts

Guidance for conversations with youth in a cyber-powered world, wherein it is easy to believe things that are not true and focus on things that do not really mater.

Private versus Secret

A very important distinction which can be obscured in the social network. Private is when you decide not to disclose information about yourself in order to be safe. Privacy involves discretion and is active boundary setting. In the social media, minors (youth under 18 years of age) should have “private” settings for friends only. And for minors, it is important that they do not expect privacy from parents, whose duty is to provide instruction on personal security. This is one of the top warnings of law enforcement.

Parent tip: Explain to your child that you will respect their privacy by not blabbing their personal business, and also not commenting on everything you see or know about what is happening in their life. Your job is to provide protective cover for them by teaching them how to protect their own privacy online and offline. Secrets, on the other hand, harbor risks (such as inappropriate sexual content and/or contact, cyberbullying and drug and alcohol use).

Explain to your child that they already have power. The trick is to learn how not to give it up to the bully, the drug or the device. As the parent, your job is to help them learn to use their power wisely.

Next… Brave v. Risky

(Source: Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives: How to Maintain Open Parent-Child Communication in a Cyber-Powered World)



Events for Your Parent Community

Equipping parents to deal with the extreme influence of social media on young hearts and minds

Core Connectivity offers Fresh Start Family Culture training to help parents exercise control over the home, regulate use of technology and empower family members. To book an event at your office, school or church, contact Joanna (be sure to include your return email address) or 916-521-7203


Private Parenting and Family Life Coaching

Fresh Start Family – Two 90-minutes sessions with Joanna. Learn about the tools to give you control over the things you can control.

  • Want to argue less and experience more peace in your family relationships?
  • Wondering if your child is ready for his or her first smartphone?
  • Is cyberbullying terrorizing your child/tween/teen?
  • You suspect or have caught your teen using drugs and/or alcohol. Now what?
  • Get your family to put down the devices and have face-to-face conversations
  • Has internet porn invaded your home?

To learn more, contact Joanna (be sure to include your return email address) or 916-521-7203

Worried about how social media influences your child? Then focus on the things you can control


Professional Training

Book an event for your educators, counseling practice or agency providing resources to youth and families. Topics include:

  • How the sciences of addiction, recovery and faith inform effective prevention strategy
  • A parent’s guide for dealing with mental and behavioral health issues
  • Embracing “the addict” as an agent for positive change in the family
  • Keeping tabs on your family’s social media hangouts
  • Cyberbullying & radicalization of youth into violent ideologies
  • Talking about drugs and drug abuse in social media
  • Family-safe conversations about internet porn and sexting

Learn more about Joanna



Discipline, not perfection: On being an imperfect parent with imperfect kids

When cyber connectivity hypes everything and inspires anxiety, what will you focus on?



The Role of a Parent in Healing a Suffering Child:

Insights on the Power of Love and Suffering in the Family

This book offers specific, practical insights to build their own inner resilience for parents dealing with  mental and behavioral health issues of tech-savvy youth.

By Joanna Jullien

Available on Kindle and in paper pack

Get your copy!

Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives

Kindle Edition

  • Seven lessons on the impact of the network culture on youth, parenting and family life
  • Four exercises to develop a renewed perspective on the challenges of modern life
  • Three final products to regulate the use of technology and foster human connection at home: Family creed, family motto and a short set of house rules

Helpful tools:

Keep medications out of the hands of youth: Check out: SaferLock

Helpful thoughts about social media challenges by Common Sense Media

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