Welcome to 2020. The dawn of a new decade full of promise and challenges in this age of cyber-powered information.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the trends impacting youth and families today. A recent headline in the New York Times features youth suicide on the rise. According to the CDC report on deaths in 2017, suicide was the second leading cause of death for age groups 10–24 (19.2% of deaths) and 25–44 (10.9%).  I remember a childhood that did not involve having conversations about understanding why people die by suicide. And one of the first things that happened when my youngest started eighth grade (2005) was the tragic suicide of a classmate who left a note about his grades not being good enough. My son shared this thought that he picked up at school: perhaps parents should not put so much pressure on getting good grades. I remember having a very crucial conversation with my son about this event and the underlying motive – explaining that a person chooses to end their life because they lose hope for their future. I declared with confidence that it is not about grades, money or friendships; I explained that they do not see their current problems as temporary. And I asked him, “Do you really believe that his mother cared more about his grades than his life?”

What a concept to get across. Did it work? Was it a successful transmission?

This is the challenge many parents are struggling with today. “How do I help my child understand their inherent value is not tied to the things that they can earn in this world? Rather, their worth is priceless and cannot be measured in worldly terms.”

Since that crucial conversation in the fall of 2005, I have learned so much about the human condition as it pertains to the parent-child bond in a cyber powered world.

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Hindsight 2020:

Make this a year of creating a culture of connection at home


Core Connectivity Mission

Restore Parental Confidence, Inspire Resilience, and

Empower Families to Strengthen their Bond



In the media-centered network culture it is easy to believe things that are not true, and focus on things that do not really matter. This can curtail parental confidence and increase childhood anxiety and trauma. Help me get some basic tools and insights into the hands of parents so they can more effectively help their children establish their own internal guidance systems to be safe and secure and counter the cyber-powered stressors of growing up with mobile connectivity.

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 Tips to regulate the use of technology as a family (PDF Handout)

 How to build trust when you find these apps on your child’s phone

Thoughts that make you a secure parent, how to handle vaping and more…



  • Date: Thurs. 01/16/20  11:30am to 1:00pm
  • Event: The Role of a Parent in Healing a Suffering Child: Insights about love in response to anxiety and addiction as a family affair
  • Venue and Meal Sponsor: Sierra Vista Hospital
  • Speaker: Joanna Jullien
  • Venue: Sacramento campus, community room
  • Registration details: Must register to attend. Registration link
  • Contact: Martin Guiterrez Jose.Gutierrez@uhsinc.com


  • Date: Thurs. 01/16/20  6:30pm
  • Event: Like – A documentary about how social media is affecting our lives (followed by panelists/Q & A)
  • Co-Sponsors: REALConversations and Newport Academy
  • Venue Sponsor: Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin
  • Speaker: Panelists: Amy Rose of Recovery Happens and Joanna Jullien @Coreconnectivity
  • Registration details: Must register to attend.  Sold out.
  • Contact: Shelby Swartz sswartz@newportacademy.com and Jen Oliver Brown jennifer@beingreal.me for more information.



  • Date: Wed. 01/08/20 8:30am to 10:30am
  • Event: Taking Back Your Power from Stress
  • Speaker: Tzeli Triantafillou at Myndzen
  • Location: CCAPP office, 2400 Marconi Avenue, Ste. B
    Sacramento, CA, 95821


  • Date: Thurs. 01/09/20 9:30am to 10:30am
  • Event: Placer Mental Health Professionals Networking Group
  • Location: Mimi’s Café in Roseville


  • Date: Thurs. 01/23/20 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Event: Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth (CALY)
  • Location: Auburn, CA





Crucial Conversation Concepts

Guidance for conversations with youth in a cyber-powered world, wherein it is easy to believe things that are not true and focus on things that do not really mater.

Private versus Secret

Private is when you decide not to disclose information about yourself in order to be safe. Privacy involves discretion and is active boundary setting. In the social media, minors should have “private” settings for friends only. And for minors, it is important that they do not expect privacy from parents, whose duty it is to ensure their safety. This is one of the top warnings of law enforcement. Granting kids privacy with devices.

A secret, on the other hand, is something that is determined cannot survive the light of day because it is not acceptable: i.e., exploitive, harmful or illegal. When a secret is kept there is usually risky behavior involved and it is a source of tremendous anxiety. Anything that is secret in the children’s online worlds is not okay. This is why transparency is one of the fundamentals for making cyber-safe house rules in your home.

Other topics for crucial conversations:

Brave versus Risky

(Source: Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives: How to Maintain Open Parent-Child Communication in a Cyber-Powered World)



Events for Your Parent Community

Equipping parents to deal with the extreme influence of social media on young hearts and minds

Core Connectivity offers Fresh Start Family Culture training to help parents exercise control over the home, regulate use of technology and empower family members. To book an event at your office, school or church, contact Joanna (be sure to include your return email address) or 916-521-7203


Private Parenting and Family Life Coaching

Fresh Start Family – Two 90-minutes sessions with Joanna. Learn about the tools to give you control over the things you can control.

  • Want to argue less and experience more peace in your family relationships?
  • Wondering if your child is ready for his or her first smartphone?
  • Is cyberbullying terrorizing your child/tween/teen?
  • You suspect or have caught your teen using drugs and/or alcohol. Now what?
  • Get your family to put down the devices and have face-to-face conversations
  • Has internet porn invaded your home?


To learn more, contact Joanna (be sure to include your return email address) or 916-521-7203


Worried about how social media influences your child? Then focus on the things you can control


Professional Training

Book an event for your educators, counseling practice or agency providing resources to youth and families. Topics include:

  •  How the sciences of addiction, recovery and faith inform effective prevention strategy
  • A parent’s guide for dealing with mental and behavioral health issues
  • Embracing “the addict” as an agent for positive change in the family
  • Keeping tabs on your family’s social media hangouts
  • Cyberbullying & radicalization of youth into violent ideologies
  • Talking about drugs and drug abuse in social media
  • Family-safe conversations about internet porn and sexting

 Learn more about Joanna



Discipline, not perfection: On being an imperfect parent with imperfect kids

When cyber connectivity hypes everything and inspires anxiety, what will you focus on?



The Role of a Parent in Healing a Suffering Child:

Insights on the Power of Love and Suffering in the Family

This book offers specific, practical insights to build their own inner resilience for parents dealing with  mental and behavioral health issues of tech-savvy youth.

Get your copy!

Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives

Kindle Edition

  • Seven lessons on the impact of the network culture on youth, parenting and family life
  • Four exercises to develop a renewed perspective on the challenges of modern life
  • Three final products to regulate the use of technology and foster human connection at home: Family creed, family motto and a short set of house rules


Helpful tools:


Cyber Safety for Families (Videos)

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