This online training is for parenting children of any age.  Who should attend?

  • Parents who seek to strengthen their Christian values at home amidst a cyber-powered popular culture that hypes fear and anxiety.
  • Parents of all creeds who seek to strengthen family bonds during a time of crisis.
  • Ministry leaders supporting parents and families


Through my own life journey of 60 years on this planet and 35 years of parenthood, I have found that the fact that God grants and honors free will to all of humanity, including infants, tends to be under emphasized and the human desire to control free will as if we are God often prevails. This mindset keeps faith as a “Sunday’s only type of thing” in family life. I understand this desire to be in control of the things we do not have control over is a perception of love distorted by fear.

Register for this online event May 6, 2020

 Reconciling COVID19 with God’s Divine Plan for Your Family


  • Discover the major stumbling blocks that prevent parents from communicating in truth with love to their children.
  • Reaffirm parent confidence in uncertain times.
  • Practical lessons about resolving power and control issues in family relationships.
  • Learn about the tools to build a family culture that instills discipline and fosters resilience.


As a student of the human condition, I have observed that learning how to apply faith in God’s will, Who is love, is the greatest challenge for parenting and for governing society. So, in this coronavirus pandemic, how does contemplating Biblical thought leadership help us use this crisis to strengthen parent confidence, improve the quality of family relationships and recover from shelter-in-place with greater capacity for resilience?

For anyone who might be interested, I am offering a webinar to share how the wisdom thoughts of the Bible empower parents of all creeds in times of crisis. For the sakes of my own children and grandchildren and future great grandchildren, this is how I choose to honor my parents and share the intergenerational legacy of love as learning how to accept that the human condition is prone to error and resilient. This resilience, which may be found in accepting free will as an inherent power, often feels counter intuitive and can be a major stumbling block for many parents.

Register for this event May 6, 2020 noon to 1:30pm:


This webinar is scheduled on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, from noon to 1:30. I chose this time because many parents are at home with their children, and the lunch hour might be a good time in the middle of the week to set aside time to think about your own empowerment. If you are not able to take time to experience this webinar live, and you are interested in what I want to share then please register anyway. I will do my best to get the recording to all who registered as quickly as possible.

May God bless you and your family.


About:  We are a non-profit education center founded in Roseville, CA to strengthen the parent-child bond in a hyper-connected world. Our mission is to restore families with the mustard seed of faith that declares liberty already belongs to the soul because one God, the Creator of all humanity, grants every human being intelligence and free will to choose what to believe, and that is power that can never be taken, but is easily surrendered to the bully, the drug or the device.

Peace on earth begins with peace at home.

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Joanna Jullien, Founder & CEO of Core Connectivity
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Joanna Jullien is an author, educator and consultant on strengthening the parent-child relationship in a cyber-powered world. She is a former technology executive trained in behavioral science at U.C. Berkeley, a mother of two grown sons, and an author of books for practical guidance on parenting, growing up and family life in the network culture. As a family and technology culture advisor, Joanna has appeared on 103.9FM The Fish, 710AM Keeping Faith in America, 1380AM The Answer, and