“When my oldest was away at college, he called me while I was surveying bananas at the supermarket to let me know he had just gone skydiving, and since then I cannot look at bananas the same way. All the surprises of our children are ‘banana moments’. Some are heart warming and funny; others are challenging and gut-wrenching; and yet always an opportunity to experience God’s love.”

Joanna Jullien, CyberParenting expert and Creator of Banana Moments

Joanna Jullien, CyberParenting expert and CEO of Banana Moments Foundation/Core Connectivity

A message from the founder: Joanna Jullien

Welcome to Core Connectivity – A Foundation to Empower Families. I am a mom of two grown sons who started this mission to strengthen the parent-child bond in a hyper-connected world when my youngest son hit middle school circa 2004. My mother heart wanted to pursue the hope of God’s divine plan for allowing mobile connectivity in the hands of youth and disrupting family life.

Core Connectivity is an initiative of Banana Moments Foundation, a public charity non-profit devoted to educating people about strengthening the parent-child bond in a hyper-connected world. This was my response to the impact of the internet on family life. Banana Moments is my term for all of the surprises, the full range of human emotion that comes with parenting free will. When my oldest son was away at college he called me while I was looking at the bananas at the supermarket to let me know he had just landed from sky diving. Now, this was stunning news for me because he was the last person on earth I thought would jump out of an airplane. And since then I consider all of the lessons of parenting free will to be “banana moments”. In my journey to establish this brand of journalism and education to chronicle the power of divine love in the network culture, I have come to appreciate that raising children and family life is learning how to love one another as God loves humanity: by respecting the intellect and will of one another fearlessly. The standard of trust has never been more high and rewarding.

Our Beliefs and Mission

  • We believe in the power of the individual. Therefore, the spirit of power and love in every human being must be defended one heart and mind at a time.
  • We advocate for this truth by educating people about the simple steps to create a more peaceful version of family by honoring their chosen faith.
  • We offer practical, high-impact training that restores families experiencing the undue influences of a cyber-powered world that inspire anxiety, bullying, addictions, and exploitation.

One Million Fresh Start Families by 2020

In every moment, it is possible to argue less, love more and build trust by choosing to get a fresh start

By the year 2020, train one million families to get a “fresh start” – to educate youth to be cyber-safe citizens of the world, restore and strengthen broken relationships, and overcome addictions, bullying and exploitation.

$1 Quick Start to a Fresh Start

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