About Banana Moments Foundation

Photo: Christi Benz

Photo: Christi Benz

The advent of the internet and wireless devices has introduced a power crisis for families. Never before has so much communication power with the world been in the hands of children. And by the same token this crisis is an opportunity to strengthen parent-child bonds around faith as an executive movement to be free from undue influences of the hyper-connected world. This individual resiliency comes from within; from knowing that personal power is something that cannot be taken, but it can be surrendered.

Some of the undue influences of internet-powered communications include:

• Cyberbullying, suicide and murderous violence
• Sexual predators
• Addictions (including video games, devices, drugs and alcohol)
• Distracted living creating learning issues and driver safety issues
• Over dependence upon cyber-powered peer communities contributing to anxiety and depression

Hence, Banana Moments Foundation (BMF)  is created to provide training and education about the role of God in a free society as the genuine authority to express discipline at home and train children about their own executive capacity to be free agents in the flesh and in the social network.

The BMF Vision

Promote a parenting and family culture that inspires certain authority and confidence to govern our lives with clarity of purpose and to reap the benefits of and overcome the undue influences of the social network (bullying, pedophiles, drug and alcohol culture, all forms of media agendas, commercialism).

The BMF Mission

Inform, inspire and educate parents to recognize the power of their own faith, i.e. what you believe, as a practical application to 1) strengthen genuine, authentic bonds with their children, and 2) overcome the bullying pressure of the social network and global economic trending.

Restoring the meaning of “home” as the place to be: Fresh Start Training

The main program BMF offers is training for parents on building a family culture that instills individual resiliency in us and our children. The curriculum is entitled: Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives, which is available as a self-help book with lessons and exercises and access to trainers. This high impact, basic training offers parents:

• In depth understanding of the cultural landscape our children navigate today and how children are conditioned differently for authority and the opportunity for strengthening family bonds this represents
• Explains the strategic importance and elements of a family culture
• Instructions on building a family culture in very practical, high impact ways
• Simple, effective ways for parents to clarify their own beliefs and values at home
• How to communicate beliefs and values to their children with a passion for the child’s liberty and their ability to be self governing
• Simple steps to engage children to develop house rules predicated upon your core beliefs and values that teach kids how to be free agents in the flesh and in the social network.

Your donation will help promote the Fresh Start training to more communities and expand the marketing capacity to promote Banana Moments monthly and quarterly updates to inspire and inform parents about their inherent capacity to govern the cyber-powered home and strengthen their bond with children.