Parenting Young Adult Support Groups

teen-being-comfortedParenthood is a divine appointment without an expiration date.

We are building a sense of community to support one another in the challenges of being a parent when there is uncertainty, anxiety and some hostility getting in the way of being a trusted resource for our children in their journey into adulthood. When it seems like our children are “failing to launch” or are unhappy or in trouble in their early adulthood experiences, and we feel like we have failed, what can we do?

  • Schedule: monthly, the 1st Saturday morning of the month
  • Time: 9am to 11am.
  • Location: At the office of Therapeutic Solutions 360 in Roseville, 1891 E. Roseville Parkway, #120
  • Small group 8 (maximum)
  • Initial fee is $45 for first 3 months/after that $10 per month
  • Includes the Fresh Start manual, the Fresh Start video and handout exercises for discussions

To learn more and join this group, contact Joanna.