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shutterstock_225203728Fresh Start is for parents and professionals who work with children and families, including counselors and therapists, educators, and faith leaders.

Parents can use Fresh Start as a crash course for parenting in the social network. As a self help book, parents learn to build a family culture with hands on lessons and exercises, to build trust, establish open communication, and foster individual resilience. Check out Fresh Start for Parents

Professionals working with children who suffer from anxiety, depression and addiction, often encounter challenges when parents are uncertain or lack confidence about their leadership role at home to promote healing. What if there was a resource to help you engage the parent as a part of the healing? Check out Fresh Start for:

And for faith leaders, Fresh Start offers a practical guide hellp parents think more deeply about their faith as it relates to the hyper-connected world streaming untruth and creating enormous pressure to be distracted from relationships with God, family and community. Check out Fresh Start for: Faith Leaders

Fresh Start Trainer Certification

Fresh Start is a train-the-trainer model of educating people about their own inherent authority to govern

Sign up for a Fresh Start Trainer Certification class to offer workshops to the parents in your practice and/or school community. For more information about certification, contact Joanna Jullien