shutterstock_400242949Modern youth are experiencing toxic levels of stress in a hyper-connected world, which can inspire chronic disorders including anxiety, depression, addiction as well as attention deficit and learning disabilities. For parents, the most challenging thing is to love a child through the behavioral and emotional challenges inspired by mobile connectivity. And yet parents are divinely equipped to educate the child about their own executive capacity to be disciplined learners, and strengthen the individual resilience of the child through their family culture.

The Fresh Start training helps strengthen the parent-child bond in a hyper connected world, and Core Connectivity collaborates with professionals in education to support the strategic role of the parent to teach discipline essential to learn in the classroom. These training services are designed to offer parents practical insights and tools to make home a productive place to educate the child about their own power to learn.

Training components

  • Seven short, high-impact lessons on the network culture, new demands on parents, family culture, communication strategies with discussion questions
  • Four exercises and with worksheets to think deeply on how childhood and parenthood are impacted by cyber connectivity
  • Glossary of terms to clarify key concepts like private, secret, trust, and faith
  • Cyber rites of passage to groom kids for cyber-secure independence in age-appropriate ways
  • Final products include: family motto, family creed, and a short set of house rules

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