Parents & Online Safety

shutterstock_128110364Parents are integral to the mission of educating children so they can choose to become secure citizens in an online world that hypes anxiety. And yet the modern parent and child can easily be convinced that parents are simply house keepers who pay the bills, rather than serve as household executives. The world tells us that children need privacy from parents, and leaving teens alone with their devices is how to keep the peace.  It is in believing the wrong things that, at any age, it is possible to fall in to the adult traps of anxiety, addictions, bullying, and sexual exploitation.


  • If you are wondering whether your child is ready for a smart phone, we offer specific tools to prepare you and your child to regulate the use of technology in the home.
  • Only 20 to 30% of students who are bullied notify adults about the bullying. Learn how to detect and respond to bully experiences your child may be experiencing on and off-line.
  • You suspect or have caught your teen using drugs and/or alcohol. We help you learn something about your child’s issues and life experiences, and how you can become a trusted resource to overcome adversity, seek drug counseling and/or treatment, and create a wellness family culture of open  communication.
  • If the devices are making conversations difficult in your home, we show you how to get your family to put down the smartphone and communicate.
  • One of the first things children experience online are attacks on their sexuality. We offer insights and tools to communicate openly about sex and sexuality so that pedophiles, sexting, internet porn, and other nefarious actors are less likely to trap your child into a sexually exploitative relationship.

Fresh Start Family – Two 90-minute sessions with Joanna. Learn about the tools to give you control over the things you can control, and identify the best resources to meet your family needs. (Also available via Skype)

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