Parenting & Family Life Coach

  • shutterstock_114544705Did you know that this cyber generation of teens is the loneliest in history?
  • Are the devices and apps taking over your home?
  • Is a conversation about things big and small more difficult? Is there greater hostility, less patience, and more anxiety than you would like to experience at home?
  • Have you discovered drugs and/or alcohol in your teen’s life?
  • Time to issue your sixth, seventh and eighth grader their own mobile phone? How are you prepared as a parent and as a family?

Parents have inherent authority to govern the home, and educate the child so as to not give up personal power to the bully, the drug or the device.



Joanna Jullien, Founder & CEO of Core Connectivity
Photo by: Victoria Hatch

Joanna Jullien, CEO of Core Connectivity is available to provide private parenting and family life coaching.

  • Two 90-minute sessions
  • Location: Main office Therapeutic Solutions 360 in Roseville, home visits and Skype also available
  • Materials: The Fresh Start Family Culture Builder manual and access to the Quick Start to a Fresh Start 10-minute video are included

You will learn/accomplish:

  • How the internet has conditioned society differently for authority and how this creates threats and opportunities for the parent-child bond
  • To identify and address the specific concerns for your family as it relates to integrating technology as an asset to strengthen family bonds, and responding to the bullying, addictions and exploitations hyped by cyber connectivity
  • Develop your own family creed and house rules that reflects the discipline, empowerment and hope of your own faith that is essential to strengthen family bonds
  • Maintain open communication and build individual resilience to the pressures of cyber connectivity.
  • Identify the best resources and how to work with experts to address any chronic issues or conditions in your child’s life, such as drug use/addiction, sexual exploitation and/or bullying.


For more information and to schedule your Fresh Start sessions, contact Joanna.