Fresh Start Trainer Certification

Photo: Christi Benz

Photo: Christi Benz

Professionals working with children who suffer from anxiety, depression and addiction, often encounter challenges when parents are uncertain or lack confidence about their leadership role at home to promote healing.  What if your practice had the enhanced capability to engage the parent-child relationship as a part of the healing? This workshop will give professionals tools and insights to help parents:

  • Learn the characteristics of digital natives (kids born after 1990) and new demands on parents
  • Help parents realize their power to govern the home, and educate the child
  • Provide guidance to parents to create a safe place for youth to deal with the adult issues kids experience that inspire shame, guilt and fear
  • Encourage parents to strengthen their spiritual resilience at home
  • Recognize and embrace with confidence the new demands on parents to lead tech savvy kids
  • How to become a trustworthy resource to impart wisdom
  • Questions and exercises to help parents clarify their own barriers to open communication
  • Simple steps to create house rules that empower youth to receive boundaries as love language
  • Collaborate with their children to produce a family motto, family creed and house rules

Certification training is by appointment only


One four-hour session which includes

the Fresh Start manual and trainer’s guide.

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Purchase your copy of the 2015 Edition today! $15.00

Purchase your copy today!

Fresh Start Certification Training includes

  • The current edition of the Fresh Start Manual, which delivers the training components below
  • The Fresh Start Certification Guide which explains the divine principles of freedom expressed in a family culture that is characterized by trust, open communication and individual resilience.
  • Visual aid slides for lessons

Fresh Start Training Components

  • Seven short, high-impact lessons on the network culture, new demands on parents, family culture, communication strategies with discussion questions
  • Four exercises and with worksheets to think deeply on how childhood and parenthood are impacted by cyber connectivity
  • Glossary of terms to clarify key concepts like private, secret, trust, and faith
  • Cyber rites of passage to groom kids for cyber-secure independence in age-appropriate ways
  • Final products include: family motto, family creed, and a short set of house rules

Here’s what others have to say about Fresh Start for families:

“Family lifestyles are hectic and distracted. Home is often perceived by youth as not a safe place. We work with Joanna Jullien because her parenting philosophy and teaching to help parents relate to their tech-savvy children is an essential aspect of restoring health and peace of mind for children who need to bond with parents in authentic ways.” — Angela Chanter, PsyD., Therapeutic Solutions 360 in Roseville, Ca.

Mary Lisa Patton, B.A.Psych, CADCII, IS, NCFAC, counsels parents and adolescents on addiction issues at her counseling center called Beloved Recovery in Roseville. She offers insights about the use of baby gadgets and bonding.

Mary Lisa Patton, B.A.Psych, CADCII, IS, NCFAC.

“As a professional, Fresh Start … opened up my world to new issues my clients and their families may experiencing in their search for connection and healing…The family motto and value section is an invaluable tool. When a family comes together with a purpose or creates a new purpose that was non-existent before, it strengthens the family system.” — Mary Lisa Patton, B.A.Psych, CADCII, IS, NCFAC, founder of Beloved Recovery.


“The family is an important structure; in order to function well it requires more organized thought and mindful communication than going through the motions. It is a lot easier said than done in our society today.” Christi Benz, mother of four in Granite Bay, Ca.


Kim Fredrickson, M.S., is a marriage and family therapist in Roseville, California who teaches self-compassion as a fundamental way to reinforce our capacity to relate to others. Check out her book: Building a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself.

Kim Fredrickson, M.S.

“Fresh Start is profound in its simplicity… I encourage you to buy this book and dig into its principles. Don’t let our cyber-culture take time and relationship away from your family.”Kim Fredrickson, M.S., MFT in Roseville, Ca., and author of Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend.